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What does mathematics look like in the classroom?

Mathematics is primarily taught through Mini Maths Missions throughout the school.  Mini Maths Missions work like projects in which the children are hooked into learning through a real life mission.  The children then learn the maths skills necessary to be able to complete the mission in a real life context.  However at times, previously taught mathematics skills can also be applied in project to ensure opportunities for application is maximized.

Teaching and learning approaches

Yarborough Academy is a Numicon Affiliate organisation and the pedagogy behind the Numicon approach understands that children learn best when moving from using concrete maths apparatus, pictorial representations (jottings, pictures, drawings etc.) and then abstract (signs and symbols).  Each year group follows a long-term plan which is linked to the Numicon programme to ensure progression. 

Alongside the Numicon approach we aim to blend the key characteristics of the Mastery approach. These include:

  • Variation
  • Fluency
  • Mathematical thinking
  • Representation and structure
  • Coherence

In order to deepen learning the children are exposed to problem solving and reasoning as oppose to be given bigger numbers to work with.  All children are constantly encouraged to make mathematical connections.  Fluid grouping is used throughout the school to ensure same day intervention is given within a lesson to any children that require further scaffolding and support with a concept.  This allows us to narrow the gap between the most and least able learners by ensuring children are not rushed through mathematical concepts. 

We also aim for all of our children to become fluent with number facts.  This is mainly taught through starter activities during the mini maths sessions but can also be incorporated into other parts of the timetable.  The children also have daily opportunities to work on the fluency of their multiplication facts through the use of TT rockstars.

There is a calculation policy for all staff to follow from reception to year 6.  The policy clearly links to the idea of the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach ensuring progression throughout the school. (See links below)

Calculation Policy Introduction

Calculation Policy for EYFS (Key Models)

Calculation Policy for Year 1

Calculation Policy for Year 2

Calculation Policy for Year 3

Calculation policy for Year 4, 5 and 6

Providing additional mathematics support in and out of school

For children that are not secure with mathematical concepts we aim to keep the gap as narrow as possible.  Teachers use intervention groups, which are, planned through their provision maps or as and when they are needed to further support children in identified areas of maths.  They may also direct Teaching Assistants to give guided intervention.  Workshops are also an opportunity to use assessments to direct additional support or to give challenge in specific areas.

Each classroom will also have a maths working wall to support the current mini maths mission which children can access at all times.  The working walls are used in collaboration with the children.  Children will also have access to a variety of resources that can support them with concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.

Outside of school we encourage children to access IXl and TT rockstars, which provides opportunities for online mathematical practice.  Parents and children are directed on a weekly basis to which units are appropriate in relation to current learning.