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Project Based Learning

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Yarborough Academy offers an innovative, imaginative and truly engaging curriculum which prepares pupils for their future lives.

The curriculum is immersive, driven by clear principles and underpinned in skills building. All subjects are linked together in a purposeful way to provide a broad and balanced approach to learning that is all about application.

The children learn through immersive experiences which are relevant, real and purposeful. They are engaged with their learning through exploration and application of skills. Journeys of learning are clear and there is always a reason for learning which leads to the final outcome. Children collaborate, create and problem solve where they can explain their own learning and deepen understandingHigh expectations of all areas of the curriculum are embedded and the use of multiple drafts and critique enable the children to set these expectations for themselves and their peers.


Learning is continuous without constraints of timetables. Learning develops and changes according to the children’s needs and interests, allowing adequate time for practice to embed the pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills securely.


Essential questions, Launch days and Exhibitions are the ingredients of every project.  Learning is active and reflective. Not passive. Projects are planned using the children’s interests and the classroom is designed with the children for how they want to learn. The teacher is rarely the classroom commander but more a coach and responder to individual learner needs. The children learn for themselves as the curriculum is explored rather than delivered.

What is Project Based Learning?Watch the video here

We use the principles of REAL learning:

  • R = Rigorous
    • Children engage with the subject content by using reasoning, analysis, critical thinking and problem solving.
    • Teachers refine projects through interests and assessments.
  • E = Engaging
    • Children understand the purpose of their learning.
    • Teachers create learning experiences with projects that are purposeful and relevant to the real world.
  • A = Authentic
    • Children share their work with a public audience.
    • Teachers develop projects that allow students to tackle real life issues.
  • L = Learning
    • Children are driven to learn because they see the purpose through the lens of the essential question.
    • Teachers are learning from students and are engaged in an adult learning community.