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At Yarborough Academy we asked ourselves the questions: 

“What do you remember from when you were in primary school?”

“What made it memorable?”

The answers to these questions centred around real experiences, theme days, fun activities, trips and practical activities.

We decided that if we want our learning to be memorable then we need a curriculum that is exciting, real, themed and practical every day.

From this we looked at what we want our curriculum to deliver and what qualities we want to develop in our children to give them the best possible start in their future lives.

Using these ideas we created our vision for Yarborough Academy’s curriculum. We call these our drivers and they are embedded throughout the school environment, in classrooms and in teachers’ planning.

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Driver Inspire Immerse

We will . . .

Create enthusiasm

Create a love of learning

Make learning exciting

Develop imagination

Develop the learning environment to make it real and engaging

Engage all learners in their learning

Make the entire curriculum relevant and linked

Make the learning imaginative and creative



21st Century Life

We will . . .

Create projects for the children to work towards

Give the children skills that they need to work on complex projects

Create projects for working together

Teach the skills for collaboration

Create opportunities for independent learning

Help to make the children self-reliant

Provide resources that will aid independent learning

Give the children choices

Make the links to business

Address the British value of democracy

Develop the skills needed for the children to succeed educationally

Teach the skills needed in their everyday lives

Teach the skills needed in their future lives

Provide opportunities to make them ready for the real world

Encourage ambition

Make them aware of the possibilities in life

Teach them about real life issues

Use technology to enhance the learning

Teach the children to make choices to use the most effective tool

Teach children how to concentrate

Address the British value of the rule of law

Address the British value of individual liberty?

Driver Being Your Best Enquiry

We will . ..

Develop children's confidence

Create an environment where it is safe to fail

Create opportunities for self and peer assessment

Create opportunities for improving work

Try to create the mindset where the children want to be the best they can be

Encourage children to try new things

Encourage the children to work hard, push themselves and not give up

Create opportunities for problem solving

Develop the children's resilience

Set up investigations

Create opportunities for children to question a hypothesis

Driver Community World Wise

We will . .

Use the school grounds for learning

Use the locality for learning

Involve the community

Address local issues


Develop their self-esteem

Develop their people skills

Create opportunities for the children to explore similarities and differences

Create opportunities to learn from other cultures

Celebrate culture and diversity

Learn about the world around us

Encourage the children to understand others

Address the British value of mutual respect

Address the British value of tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs


Through addressing these drivers we aim to create children who are:






Socially skilled

Risk takers

Proud of their heritage





Part of the community


Problem solvers

Ready for the real world





Team members

Accept differences in others

Critical thinkers

Ready for their futures





Financially aware

Culturally aware


Aware of their choices

All this is only possible through understanding and commitment to our Academy Values

* I am given time and space if I need it and I use this time effectively.

* I should always be spoken to politely because I speak politely and truthfully to others.

* If I have something important to say I will be listened to and I will listen to others.

* Because I am treated fairly I am able to accept the consequences of my actions.

* I respect other people’s thoughts, beliefs and individuality in the same way that they respect mine.

* Mistakes are an important part of my development as long as I learn from them.

* I am kept safe and cared for, and I play my part in the care and safety of others.

* I can relax, play and join in a wide range of activities, and I actively encourage others to join in.

* I must be given every opportunity to learn because I am trying to progress as much as I can, whilst helping others to grow.