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Assessment and Progress

At Yarborough Academy we assess our children through their depth of learning. We have moved away from “can/can’t do” into “how well can they?”

Threshold Concepts and Milestone Indicators using Basic, Advancing and Deep, are used as the tool for formal assessments.

Curriculum structure

On order to understand Basic, Advancing and Deep (BAD) please click on this link -  BAD table

Daily assessments are made to raise the achievement and self-esteem of students by providing them with prompt, regular and diagnostic feedback about their work.

Expert checking of children’s understanding, the insight it delivers, and the effective reshaping of teaching as a result has a notable impact on progress.

All our assessments are:

  • Specific to pupils learning;
  • Helpful to pupils for improving their work
  • Based on shared essential learning objectives and milestone indicators
  • Based on an awareness of tool kits
  • Positive in tone;
  • Accessible to all pupils;
  • Age-appropriate
  • Inclusive of opportunities for self and peer-assessment (critique)
  • Able to inform future planning
  • And time is given for children to respond to feedback and act upon it.


It is important that the children understand their own learning. We include self and peer assessments, critique and Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT) to ensure the best possible outcomes for learning and high quality work.


Please click on this link to see an overview of MARKING AND FEEDBACK used by Yarborough Academy.

 In children’s books, all feedback is given in green. The children then respond, refine and reflect in red. This shows how children are acting upon the feedback given and evidences the improvements made.


Please click on this link to see the Assessment policy