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Physical Education

At Yarborough Academy we offer children excellent PE provision through the teaching of a full PE journey in every term. These journeys form an essential component of each year groups wider project and allow for the progression of taught movements and skills to be built up and developed over a sustained period of time. Journeys are more meaningful to the children because of the strong project links and allow the children to understand the importance of the different movements and skills they learn.

While each project at Yarborough is unique so too are the accompanying PE journeys within those projects. The journeys encompass the areas of dance, gymnastics, games, athletics and outdoor adventurous activity which comprise of the National Curriculum. However, at Yarborough Academy, we do not just ‘do’ a dance in PE. Your journey allows you to see and understand the purpose behind your movements, build the relevant skills required and ultimately learn or create a dance performance to perform and celebrate.

As part of our offer we also provide a range of extra-curricular opportunities and activities. These are decided in conjunction with the school community through collecting and listening to our pupils’ voice. Moreover, we provide many adult guided games and play opportunities through break and lunch times. This combines a mixture of independent, pupil and adult-led activities. By Year 4 all children are also offered the chance to learn and improve their swimming skills as part of the National Curriculum.

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