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Project Journeys

Each project is divided into clear learning focuses. The children know the journey they are going to make during the project and they can see it build up as the project progresses.

The children are fully involved in this process and it helps them to understand the learning journey and the progress they are making.

It also provides a support for remembering previous learning to be able to apply in the final project as well as make links across the curriculum. 


This is an example of how a learning journey may be structured





Children's project books are the real showcase of how learning journeys are built up.

Here is an example





Introduction to the beauty of wolves to engage the children to create a piece of art portraying the true beauty of wolves

Cold task to produce a piece of wolf art before any teaching has taken place

Studying and responding to existing art work that depicts wolves

Skills build up - learning how to collage




Skills build up - learning different pencil sketching techniques Skills build up - learning printing techniques Skills build up - learning painting effect techniques including texture Reflecting upon the different techniques ready to choose one for their final piece
9 10 11 12
Skills build up - practicing how to create pattern in art Skills build up - applying pencil techniques learnt Creating a mood board Peer critique after the first draft of their wolf artwork
13 14 15
Final draft of the wolf art work. The technique of collage was chosen inspired by the mood board Reflection of their artwork and the whole learning journey Final exhibition piece which was displayed in a special art exhibition at Grimsby Institute