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Spelling is taught explicitly during Key Stage Two and then applied in projects. (In Key Stage One spelling is taught through Phonics sessions).

Teaching and learning follows the following format:

Monday = Introduce the spelling pattern / rule etc.

Tuesday = Teach the spelling pattern / rule etc.

Wednesday = Investigate the spelling pattern / rule etc.

Thursday = Apply the spelling pattern / rule etc.

Friday = Assess the spelling pattern / rule etc.

We believe that children should have an understanding of spelling rather than only memorising words for a test. This way the children can apply their understanding in all contexts and not just for a spelling test. We refer to the following quote:

Children ‘must become word detectives, engaged in an ongoing attempt to make sense of word patterns and their relationships to one another. Spelling "rules" are not dictated by the teacher for students to memorize. Rather, spelling patterns and generalizations are discovered by students.  (Diane Henry Leipzig)

We will provide a balanced spelling programme which includes these main concepts:

*Understanding the principles underpinning word construction (phonemic , morphemic, etymological, lexical);

*Recognising how (and how far) these principles apply to each word, in order to learn to spell words;

*Applying spelling strategies;

*Investigation spelling patterns, rules and conventions;

*Practicing spelling;

*Assessing spelling;


*Encouraging pupils to self-assess and review their progress;

*Building pupils self-images as spellers.


Please click on the link to see the Spelling progression from Year 1 to 6.