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Year 5 Autumn 2015


During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of  ‘How is magic made?’

This has included:


Orally rehearsing and writing suspense stories in the style of JK Rowling

Sequencing and writing explanations on using Green Screen technology

Sequencing and writing instructions on using Scratch

Researching and writing a fact file about our author of the term, JK Rowling

Performing magic tricks, refining and improving them with drama techniques




Identifying maths magic tricks that have involved adding and subtracting numbers mentally.

Performing calculations with mixed operations and large numbers

Identify common factors, multiples and prime numbers as part of a magic trick

Recognise, find and write fractions with small denominators as part of a magic trick



Understand how some materials dissolve into liquid to form a solution and describe how to recover it as part of science magic tricks

Use knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures can be separated

Demonstrate that dissolving, mixing and changes of state are reversible

Use their knowledge of density to perform the illusion of turning wine into water

Use understanding and knowledge of electrical circuits to create the Makey Makey circuit as part of a magic trick

Understand and investigate conductive and non-conductive materials



Program Scratch to react to inputs from Makey Makey to produce sound

Create, edit, mix and convert audio tracks.

Input a variety of audio tracks into Scratch

Use a range of apps to support understanding and reasoning across the project.

Use green screen technology and iMovie to produce loops for a ‘moving image’ illusion, in the style of Harry Potter.



The exploration of the Christian faith when learning about the miracles of Jesus and the difference between illusion and miracles.


Secrets of Success

Trying new things when conducting magic tricks in front of an authentic audience

Understanding others when listening to the retelling of stories

Improve and persevere when attempting magic tricks




Experiences to enhance the learning have been

- A Magic Show by the magician John Morton

- A trip to Harry Potter Studios

- A visit from Margeret Deller who looked at the miracles of Jesus in the Bible.


The final project has been

A magic show where your child took part in a trick mastered during the project, or as part of a creative home learning project.