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Year 4 Autumn 2015


During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of

How could we recreate Alice’s Wonderland?



This has included:

English –        

Creating a poem from a miniature perspective. Similes, alliteration and imaginative description were used.

Investigating the characters of the caterpillar and the Cheshire cat, in order to see who we would take into Wonderland with us. 

Writing a discussion text, providing reasons for our choice of character. Features of this type of text were focused on – such as a title, headings, sub headings and opposing points of view.

Following a drama workshop, where the children created a new character for Alice in Wonderland, a story was written – either about this character, or a different one of choice. A range of features were included, such as fronted adverbials, a mixture of sentence types, sequenced paragraphs and dialogue. Powerful adjectives and noun phrases were also explored here.


Maths –          

Multiplying and diving by 10, 100 and 1000 – in order to shrink themselves into Wonderland.  Miniature versions of the children were created to scale using actual measurements of their own bodies.

Plotting coordinates was studied, so that the children could plot where their new plant would go on a map of Wonderland.

Exploring measures was – with a view to making our jam tarts for our exhibition tea party.


Science -        

Exploring the properties of plants – especially the features that plants need to survive in their environment.  These were then used to design a new plant.

Computing -   

Coding using ScratchJr and ALEX - to write directions of how to find their plant in Wonderland.

Geography -   

Investigating the main 8 compass points, as a means to explore our way through Wonderland when choosing where to locate our new plant.

Art -                

Painting in the style of Neri – featuring a giant-sized table or chair with photographs of the children that were shrunk and added to the paintings.

D.T. -              

Creating a new plant using art supplies. 

Music -                       

Creating sound tracks for some of the characters in Wonderland.  These were played during our tea party.      

R.E. -              

Looking at dreams and their meanings was our final focus (as Alice in Wonderland was all a dream!)  The children watched a short film called The Dream Giver.

P.E. -  

Orienteering – giving children the skills they would need to follow a map around Wonderland.     

S.M.S.C –

Questioning if it is right to smoke around others (with reference to the caterpillar.)

Secrets of Success -

Trying new things when we were making and tasting jam tarts.

Improving as artists when creating our Neri-inspired paintings.

Using our imagination when creating a new character in a drama workshop.         


Experiences to enhance the learning have been:

A visit from One Day drama workshop to investigate characters and create the Griffin.

Our trip to Classroom in the Woods to explore another Wonderland.

The Mad Hatter’s tea party at Classroom in the Woods.


The final project included an exhibition to Classroom in the Woods.


In addition to the projects running your child has also been taught ‘stand-alone’ lessons including Maths skills, English skills, Handwriting, Guided Reading, Religious Education, Singing and Personal Development. 

They have also studied the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll