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Year 3 Autumn 2015


During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of ‘Should the Victorians be known as vile?’


This has included:

English –         Ordering parts of diary

                        Finding the difference between first person and third person.

                        Changing present tense to past tense.

                       Read and understand crime reports.

                        Using inferences to decide on who the criminal was.

                        Using the correct speech layout for a comic.

                        Identifying the features of a comic.

                        Planning and creating our own crime and punishment comic.

                        Looking at the components of instructional texts.

                        Writing a vile recipe/set of instructions for gruel.

                        Using feelings and emotions within our writing about Victorian jobs for children.

                        Reading poetry.

                        Writing our own poetry about the life in a coalmine for a child.

                        Performing poetry in front of the class.                     

Maths –           Using timetables linked to Victorian schools.

                        Times tables chanting in a Victorian style.

                        Comparing differences between ages of criminals.

                         Measuring liquids to help with our gruel making.

Science -         Investigating the best way to preserve cabbage.

                        Looking at the factors that we will change in our experiment.

                        Making observations from our experiment.

                        Making predictions on which will be the best way of preserving.

Computing -    Recording our work using Pic Collage.

                        Using twitter to share our learning.

                        Discussing Internet safety.

                        Researching the different areas of the Victorians.

History -          Looking at the differences between Victorian schools and our school

                        Discussing Victorian characters

                        Analysing the crimes that went on during the Victorian period.

                        Considering the punishments for the crimes and ensuring they are fair.

                        Describing characteristics features of the past

                        Experiencing the food that the Victorians ate.

                        Discovering the feelings of the children in Victorian Britain

Art -                 Exploring the art work of LS Lowry

                        Investigating colour mixing effectively for our LS Lowry inspired work

                        Using different media to create our own piece of LS Lowry artwork

D.T. -               Following instructions to make our own gruel.

Music -            Learning the Victorian workhouse song

R.E. -               Exploring the beliefs of different people in Victorian Britain

P.E. -               Playing traditional Victorian school games

S.M.S.C –       Considering the feelings of others in different eras.

                        Understanding how Britain has changed over time.

                        Respecting the changes to law since Victorian Britain.

Secrets of        Improving out colour mixing techniques when we are being artists

Success -        Trying new things when tasting gruel            

                        Being creative with our Victorian crime and punishment comics.


Experiences to enhance the learning have been:

A visit from a Victorian school teacher to show us what it was like to be a Victorian schoolchild.

A visit to Lincoln Castle to see the Victorian prison and learn more about Victorian punishment.

Making and sampling gruel as well as experimenting with different ways to keep cabbage from going rotten.

The final project included an exhibition with Vile Victorian experiences.

In addition to the projects running your child has also been taught ‘stand-alone’ lessons including Maths skills, Spelling, Guided reading, Personal Development, SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education) Religious Education, Physical Education, Music and Singing.

They have also studied the Horrible Histories book ‘Vile Victorians’ by Terry Deary as their class book.