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Year 2 Autumn 2015


During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of How do we celebrate?


This has included:

English –         Writing invitations for different celebrations.

                        Sequencing events from the Scarecrows Wedding story.

                        Presenting our writing neatly.

                        Using time connectives to sequence our writing.

                        Writing a recount of our wedding ceremony.

                        Reading recipes and picking out recipe language features.

                        Writing a recipe for harvest soup.

                        Reading instructions to make celebration related crafts.

                        Performing poetry by communicating clearly.

                        Using onomatopoeia, adjectives, similes and alliteration to describe fireworks.

                        Writing our own Firework poems.

Maths –           Calculating how many vegetables were needed for the Harvest soup.

                        Recognising and naming common 2d shapes and their properties.

                        Using the language of shape to justify our jack o lantern designs.

                        Recognising lines of symmetry in shapes, pictures and patterns.

                        Creating our own symmetrical patterns to inform our mask design.

                        Creating tally charts, pictograms and bar charts linked to bonfire night.

                        Using numbers to 100 to compare, order and partition.                    

Science -         Investigating sources of light.

                        Sorting items into whether they are sources of light or not.

                        Using scientific vocabulary related to light.

                        Conducting a scientific experiment about the brightness of light.

                        Sorting materials based on the properties transparent, translucent and opaque.

Computing -    Presenting research using Pic collage.

                        Discussing internet safety.

                        Creating iMovies.

Geography -    Naming the 7 continents of the world.

                        Locating the United Kingdom, Grimsby, London & Mexico on maps.

History -          Sequencing the events of the Gunpowder Plot.

                         Researching what happened in the Gunpowder Plot using the internet.

Art -                 Creating patterns using Mexican art as a starting point.

                        Mastering techniques of colour mixing to create colour wheels and tint charts.

                        Presenting our art work neatly and staying in the lines.

                        Mixing colours to paint our Day of the Dead masks.

D.T. -               Exploring the tastes of different soups.

                        Preparing vegetables for the Harvest soup.

                        Following recipes to make soup, peppermint creams and gingerbread.

                        Following instructions to make Halloween crafts and Diwali lanterns.

                        Creating symmetrical designs for our Day of the Dead masks.

                        Creating light boxes for our Diwali celebration.

Music -          Singing songs linked to celebrations.

                        Using percussion instruments to accompany songs.

                        Developing our listening and timing skills when singing and playing instruments.

R.E. -               Researching what happens in Christian Wedding ceremonies.

                        Re-enacting a wedding ceremony.

                        Learning about the Hindu festival of light  - Diwali.

                        Ren-enacting the story of Rama and Sita – a Hindu story.

                        Taking part in a Diwali celebration.

P.E. -               Developing our aiming, throwing and catching skills.

                        Playing games linked to different celebrations.

                        Learning to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

S.M.S.C –       Collecting foods to celebrate the Harvest Festival.

                        Investigating the rituals of Halloween (games, dressing up, jack o lanterns etc)

Secrets of Success – To improve our invitations.

                                      To try new things when tasting different soups.


Experiences to enhance the learning have been:

A visit to St Michaels church to look at how a church is used in a wedding ceremony.

A visit from Cannon Mullins who led our wedding re-enactment.

Held a wedding ceremony.

Cooked our own Harvest Soup.

Held a Guy Fawkes competition.


The final project included an exhibition to our parents. We designed and took part in our own celebration using elements from different festivals.


In addition to the projects running your child has also been taught ‘stand-alone’ lessons including maths skills, phonics, guided reading, personal development , PE, music and singing.

They have also studied several books and stories linked to celebrations.