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Year 1 Autumn 2015


During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of If you were a transport character, what would you be?


This has included:

English –         Writing labels to label parts of a boat.

                          Finding bossy verbs and using them in our own writing.

                          Planning and writing instructions to tell Percy how to make our snacks.

                          Identifying features of recounts including time connective.

                          Planning and writing a recount of the transport we saw at the transport museum.

                         Joining in with and discussing stories.

                         Describing characters personalities.

                         Creating character profiles for our own transport characters.

                        Creating a story mountain for our own transport stories.

                        Verbally telling our stories to other children.

                        Writing our own transport character stories.              

Maths –           Exploring capacity for Too the Tug Boat.      

                        Measuring capacity using non-standard measures.

                        Sorted and identifying 2D and 3D shapes.

                        Identifying the properties of 3D shapes.        

Science -         Identifying sources of light to help Toot see in the dark.

                        Sorting natural and electric light sources.      

                        Learning about healthy eating and a balanced diet for Thomas’ snack.

Computing -    Taking aerial view photographs using a drone.

Geography -    Naming, locating and exploring the seven continents of the world.

                         Making a balloon globe.

                         Identifying our school on a aerial view map taken from our drone.

History -          Sorting transport into past and present.         

                        Discussing how transport has changed throughout time.

Art -                 Drawing a lighthouse.

                        Creating colour wheels.

                        Using techniques of artists to create a painting.        

                        Using chalk to create a picture of the Antarctic.

D.T. -               Designing our own transport characters.

                        Making our own transport characters using different materials.

                        Cutting ingredients safely to make our 3D healthy Thomas snacks.

Music -           Recreating the Thomas the Tank Engine theme tune using instruments.

                        Choosing different sounds and instruments to make a effect.                     

P.E. -               Moving like different transport and creating dances.

S.M.S.C –       Showing mutual respect for other children when sharing and listening to stories.    

                         Understanding right from wrong when discussing the actions of characters in stories.

Secrets of

Success -        To improve when we were artists.

                         To try new things when we made our healthy Thomas snacks by tasting the foods.

                          To imagine when creating our own transport stories.


Experiences to enhance the learning have been:

A visit to the Hull Transport Museum where we learnt about different transport and transport from the past.

The final project included an exhibition to create our own transport characters.

In addition to the projects running your child has also been taught ‘stand-alone’ lessons including mini maths missions, phonics sessions, guided reading, personal development, physical education, music and singing.

We have also studied a range of books including Toot the Tug Boat, Thomas the Tank Engine and Budgie the Little Helicopter.