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FS2 Autumn 2015



During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of ‘How can we create our own fairytale kingdom?’



This has included:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Discussing how actions of others make us feel in relation to fairytale characters

Talking about bad behaviour such as the actions of a villain and how it can affect others

Knowing that villains and their behaviour is unacceptable


Physical Development

Practising cutting skills when making puppets

Forming recognisable letters when labelling our dragons

Pouring liquids carefully when making magical potions

Using the appropriate tools when making clay dragons

Communication and Language

Listening and retelling fairytale stories

Discussing the different characters in fairytales

Using our understanding of dragons to put together a puzzle


Listening to a variety of fairytales

Using our writing skills to label a dragon

Writing captions to make a magical potion

Describing settings, events and main characters in fairytales


Designing castles using 2D shapes

Making a castle using 3D shapes

Looking at capacity when making a magical potion

Creating a magic wand and measuring it


Understanding the World

Looking at different castles and comparing them

Using the ‘doodlebuddy’ app to design our puppets on the iPads

Exploring how to melt ice to free the characters from the ice witch

Talking about changes over time when discussing the story ‘There was a princess long ago.’


Expressive Arts and Design

Designing our castles using 2D and 3D shapes

Exploring what happens when we mix colours when painting our castles

Manipulating clay to create a dragon

Selecting tools and techniques needed to shape and assemble our witch puppets

Building a repertoire of fairytale songs and dances


Experiences to enhance the learning have been


Visiting ‘Lincoln Castle’ and participating in a castle wall tour, a dragon egg hunt and a royal banquet.


The final project has included a stay and play session to to exhibit all of the learning that has taken place and an opportunity to look at your child’s fairytale kingdom.


In addition to the projects running your child has also been taught ‘stand-alone’ lessons including: Maths skills, Guided reading, Letters and Sounds sessions, Physical Development, Music skills and Health and Safety.