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FS1 Autumn 2015



During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of Where could a pirate hide treasure?


This has included:


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Discussing the right and wrong choices of pirates

Working as part of a group to solve problems

Adjusting our behaviour to different situations when on the school trip

Making new friends in the pirate ship in the classroom


Physical Development

Moving like pirates when scrubbing the decks and climbing the rigging

Holding pencils correctly when drawing maps

Making our own treasure island outside, climbing under, over and through things

Communication and Language

Following instructions to find treasure

Learning new pirate vocabulary, using this in our role play

Listening carefully to stories and responding with relevant comments, questions and actions

Speaking in full sentences about a pirate image



Showing an interest in pirate stories, such as Pirates Love Underpants and Pirate Small in Big Trouble

Reading stories and talking about settings and characters in limited detail

Holding books the correct way up, turning pages correctly and taking note of illustrations

Playing rhyming games, including Kim’s Game with rhyming objects



Counting with gems to 10 and beyond with the help of Numicon

Finding and counting treasure in the sand

Using 2d shapes to make treasure island maps

Making pirate necklaces with repeating patterns

Comparing which pirate had more or less gems


Understanding the World

Baking pirate cookies

Playing Swashbuckle Treasure game on the interactive whiteboard

Using the small world pirates to create pirate stories

Expressive Arts and Design

Creating our own treasure chest and treasure bottles

Critiquing our own pirate paintings

Making pirate coins with Numicon and glitter

Learning a range of pirate songs

Playing in the large pirate ship and the galley kitchen

Exploring the sounds of musical instruments


Experiences to enhance the learning have been


Visiting the sandpit in Cleethorpes, making various pirate crafts and going on lots of pirate adventures in and around school.


The final project included a treasure hunt around school and an opportunity to look at all your child’s learning.


In addition to the projects running your child has also been taught ‘stand-alone’ lessons including: maths skills, guided reading, and Letters and Sounds.