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Years 3 and 4


During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of ‘How can we use physics to create fun games?’


This has included:


  • Formal and informal styles of writing, including letters
  • Looking at the features of instructional writing including imperative verbs, time connectives, adverbs and adjectives
  • Writing instructions for a 'Hook a duck' or fishing game
  • Science fiction stories
  • Examining direct speech punctuation
  • Reading a range of texts including science fiction stories
  • Developing characterisation through using descriptive phrasing and similes
  • Developing settings by including a range of sensory descriptions


  • The properties of 2d and 3d shapes
  • Testing shape properties
  • Measuring accurately using centimetres and millimetres
  • Ordering numbers to find hidden messages
  • Recording data
  • Measuring the proportions of the face


  • Investigating push/pull forces
  • Investigated magnets and magnetic strength
  • Investigated gravity and planets within our solar system
  • Investigated electricity and creating simple circuits
  • Investigated light and shadow to create a Gamelan theatre
  • Investigated the properties of sound so we could add music to the theatre


  • Using PicCollage to present our information
  • Creating a TinyTap game to show what we learnt about magnetism
  • Using ComicLife 3 to represent parts of the stories we studied


  • Finding out about famous scientists and inventors, including Leonardo da Vinci


  • Creating self-portraits based on the work of da Vinci


  • Creating an Angry Birds game
  • Create a 'Hook a duck' or fishing game
  • Making a 'Buzzwire' game
  • Putting together a Gamelan theatre


  • Listening to Gamelan music for inspiration
  • Creating music for a Gamelan performance


  • Looking at Buddhism and its beliefs


  • Learning about the rules of cricket and how to play it
  • Practising track and field events

Experiences to enhance the learning have been:

  • A visit to Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham, including a Big Circuits Workshop
  • The final project included a Games Fair, demonstrating the physics related games the pupils created by applying the skills they have learnt.

In addition to the projects running your child has also been taught ‘stand-alone’ lessons including Maths skills, English skills, Guided reading, Personal Development, SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education) Religious Education and Singing.

They have also studied the book 'Matilda' By Roald Dahl.