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Year 5


During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of ‘Who is the most influential Ancient Greek?' 


This has included:


  • Writing an explanation text about Ancient Greece
  • Writing an Ancient Greek myth
  • Writing a playscript in the style of a Greek tragedy
  • Write a letter to Archimedes, to explain the discovery of an Archimedes screw


  • Investigate the properties of triangles by proving Pythagoras' theory
  • Prove the properties of circles


  • Investigate gravity and drag through designing and testing their version of Archimedes' screw


  • Use a range of apps and software to articulate learning


  • Identify Greece on a map
  • Investigate the location of Greece and its influence on historic Europe


  • Investigate and research Ancient Greece


  • Design and make a Greek mask 
  • Design and make a Greek pot through studying existing works


  • Use knowledge of Ancient Greek religion in myths and plays


Experiences to enhance the learning have been:

  • A drama workshop
  • A Greek tasting day
  • The final project included an exhibition at Cleethorpes Carnival

In addition to the projects running your child has also been taught ‘stand-alone’ lessons including Maths skills, English skills, Guided reading, Personal Development, SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education), Religious Education, Physical Education and Singing