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Year 2


During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of ‘What makes a hero?’


This has included:


  • Using adjectives to describe heroes and villains
  • Labelling the characteristics of heroes and villains
  • Writing captions about their chosen hero
  • Writing a description of their chosen hero
  • Reading a range of comic books
  • Learning about the features of a comic strip
  • Sequencing events of a story
  • Writing a superhero comic strip
  • Researching and reading information about famous artists
  • Writing a report about Roy Lichtenstein
  • Writing questions to ask firefighters.
  • Writing a report about real life heroes
  • Labelling the features of different text types
  • Reading and writing instructions linked to flapjack making


  • Counting in practical contexts including how many times they could catch a ball
  • Learning how to measure accurately using a ruler, trundle wheel and metre stick
  • Measuring how far they could throw a discus and how tall they could build a tower
  • Recording the above information in a tally chart
  • Learning to recognise the value of various coins and combinations of coins
  • Solving problems by working out how much a superhero costume would cost
  • Adding two amounts of money to find totals
  • Adding 3 numbers to find totals
  • Comparing the information to find the quickest route to put out a fire.


  • Learning about a healthy diet
  • Sorting foods into the five basic food groups
  • Testing the taste of different foods to inform a future recipe


  • Creating a pic collage about heroes and villains
  • Making a comic using the comic life app
  • Researching using QR codes and the internet about Roy Lichtenstein


  • Studying the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein
  • Recreating the pop art picture called Sunrise / Sunset
  • Responding to artists work by creating their own piece of Pop Art.


  • Taste testing a range of ingredients
  • Designing an appealing product to be sold at their exhibition
  • Following a recipe to make flapjack
  • Adapting a basic recipe to create an appealing product
  • Making their final flapjack design to sell at the exhibition
  • Evaluating their products


  • Playing tuned percussion instruments
  • Singing in a round
  • Learning a range of songs


  • Reading Christian stories linked to heroes


  • Developing and improving a range of multi- skills linked to superhero challenges
  • Learning the basic rules of netball
  • Learning gymnastic movements and how to put these into a sequence.

Experiences to enhance the learning have been:

  • A superhero dressing up day
  • A Hercules superhero challenge themed week
  • A visit from the local fire brigade
  • Baking flapjack
  • The final project included an exhibition to sell their flapjack to raise money for children in need.

In addition to the projects running your child has also been taught ‘stand-alone’ lessons including Maths skills, English skills, Guided reading, Hand writing, Phonics, Steps to Success, SMCS (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education) and Music. They have also studied a range of comics and enjoyed reading them.