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Early Years


During this term the children have been working towards answering the Essential Question of 'How can we create our own special garden?'


This has included:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Demonstrating friendly behaviour when playing outside

Initiating conversations when playing with the mini beasts

Explaining own knowledge and understanding about planning a garden

Taking steps to resolve conflicts with others outside

Showing confidence in talking to other children and adults when learning about the garden

Adapting behaviour to different events and changes in routine when going on the Elsham Hall trip

Physical Development


Drawing lines and circles using gross motor movements when designing our garden

Copying some letters when writing plant labels

Jumping off an object and land appropriately when using the obstacle course in the garden

Showing increasing control of garden tool

Understanding why gardening equipment and tools have to be used safely

Washing hands after playing in the garden

Putting wellies on with help

Planting a healthy range of food

Practising some appropriate safety measures without direct supervision

Communication and Language

Listening to stories, including our book of the term, with increasing interest and recall

Following directions for where to put teddy in the den

Maintaining attention when OLS came in to help us build dens

Concentrating and listening quietly when learning new things about the garden

Responding to simple instructions when playing in the mud kitchen

Using talk to connect ideas about the garden

Questioning why things happen when growing plants and give explanations

Using and building up vocabulary focussed on garden objects



Joining in with repeated refrains and key events in our book of the term, 'The Hungry Caterpillar'

Showing an interest in print outside

Handling books carefully when looking at gardening and mini beasts books

Looking at gardening and mini beasts books independently

Hearing and saying the initial sounds in words you might find in the garden

Beginning to read some gardening and mini beast words



Using positional language to describe where in a den teddy is

Recreating patterns for a 'funky bee'

Counting 10 flowers or mini beasts and beyond

Comparing 2 groups of mini beasts and saying which has more, less or the same

Counting out up to 6 garden objects from a larger group

Using shapes to design our special garden

Understanding the World

Looking at different mini beasts and talking about their features

Planting seeds and watching them change and grow over time

Showing care and concern for plants and mini beasts

Talking about some of the things that they have observed in the garden

Operating simple computer programs to direct a bee around a garden

Expressive Arts and Design

Designing and creating a model den

Building a den in the garden using different resources and techniques to shape, assemble and construct

Making simple representations of flowers and mini beasts

Manipulate play dough to create a bee

Learning a range of garden and mini beast songs


Experiences to enhance the learning have been

  • A trip to Elsham Hall and participating in a nature trail and an animal workshop
  • Making various garden related crafts and Ugly Bug Ball
  • The final project has been included a garden party where we opened our 'special garden' that the children helped design and create.

In addition to the projects running, children have also been taught stand-alone lessons including: maths skills and Letters and Sounds