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About Our Academy


At Yarborough Academy we believe that ICT/Computing is at the heart of the curriculum. We want to equip our children to participate in a rapidly changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. We recognise the Online Safety issues and plan accordingly to ensure appropriate, effective and safe use of electronic communications.

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Online Safety Policy 

National Online Safety

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Yarborough Academy is a National Online Safety Certified School.  More information can be found on the National Online Safety website.


Why does our school need an Online-safety Policy?

In today’s society, children, young people and adults interact with technologies such as hand-held devices, games consoles and the Internet on a daily basis and experience a wide range of opportunities, attitudes and situations. The exchange of ideas, social interaction and learning opportunities involved are greatly beneficial to all, but can occasionally place children, young people and adults in danger.

Online safety covers issues relating to children and young people as well as adults and their safe use of the Internet and hand held devices, both in and out of school. It includes education for all members of the school community about risks and responsibilities and is part of the ‘duty of care’, which applies to everyone working with children.

The school aims to provide the right balance between controlling access to the Internet and technology, setting rules and boundaries and educating students and staff about responsible use. The school understands that children and staff cannot be completely prevented from being exposed to risks both on and offline. Children are empowered and educated so that they are equipped with the knowledge to make safe and responsible decisions as well as to feel able to report any concerns. All members of staff are trained in online safety and practice in the classroom in order to educate and protect the children in their care. Members of staff are expected to manage their own professional reputation online and demonstrate appropriate online behaviours compatible with their role. It is crucial that all staff are aware of the offline consequences that online actions can have.

  • The school has appointed an Online-safety Lead.
  • The Online-safety Policy and its implementation will be reviewed annually.
  • Our Online-safety Policy has been written by the school, following government guidance.
  • Our School Policy has been agreed by the Senior Leadership Team and approved by governors.
  • The School has appointed a member of the Governing Body to take lead responsibility for Online-safety.