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Supporting environments

As much as immersive environments are very important for our Project Based Learning, they also need to support the children in their learning.

Therefore you will see age appropriate support materials on display for maths and English in every classroom. You will also see working walls which show the current learning which is built up with the children during their learning sessions. This could be in project, mini maths missions, phonics and spelling. Children can then access these at any time to support them when needed.

In order to produce high quality work, the children can produce multiple drafts taking feedback from adults and peers to constantly make improvements. We use a technique called ‘Critique’ where children analyse each other’s’ work, appraise it - being kind, helpful and exact, and then amend their work taking the advice into account.

Through this encouragement for the children to take real pride in their work, we provide special project books where they can see their whole term’s learning journey. This also supports the project timeline on display where the children can make the links.

The flexible nature of the timetable also enables pupils’ knowledge, understanding and skills to be securely practiced, giving them more time if they need it or moving on if required.

Our visual timetables help us to see the order of the day and what's coming up next      DSCN6028 Our maths working walls help us with the tools we need to learn  DSCN6039

 Our English working walls allow the children to see all their learning journey

DSCN6047  Our special project books show all our learning and we take great pride in them DSCN6049


Year 4 have a beautiful 'Alice in Wonderland' themed working wall  DSCN6118 A Victorian themed working wall in Year 3  DSCN6122
Our behaviour chart  DSCN6112    DSCN6121